Your Purpose in Life

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“Our aspirations are our responsibilities.”
Dr Samuel Johnson, English Essayist, 1709-1784

The sacral chakra is about desire and pleasure, whilst your solar plexus is about will-power and energy. You have a firm foundation to work from if your root chakra is balanced (previous section, PHYSICAL BODY), but now you need to turn your attentions to your true PURPOSE IN LIFE. I have combined these two chakras in my model, as the combination of desire and will-power is explosive.

Your sacral chakra, Svadhishthana, is located below your belly button and it is from here your creativity originates and where you experience sensuous enjoyment. Your solar plexus, Manipura, is located above your belly button in your stomach area and you will have felt this if you have ever had a ‘gut instinct’ that something is wrong or ‘butterflies’ because something is right. When these chakras are in balance, you have self-confidence and are not influenced by others, meaning you are not pulled in different directions. This section is about having a purpose in life, developing a PLAN and just doing it. It’s all about ACTION and GETTING RESULTS.

Turn back to your personal written statement. What did you write as your purpose in life right now? Did you write one? If not, you carefully need to consider it. Take as long as you like and go back to the written statement and add it in. Now for some more work. What is the one thing you could you do, that you aren’t doing on a regular basis now, that would make a tremendous difference to you achieving your personal vision?

To help you decide, I have adapted the following quadrant from Stephen R. Covey’s Time Management Matrix in his book, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. Copy this out on a big sheet of paper and in each quadrant add in what you do over one week (or month). The matrix splits out important and unimportant matters with urgent and non-urgent matters. The green quadrants are where you are sucked into the short term drama of others or distracted by trivia. If you are here, then work on EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION. The red quadrant is where you are fire fighting and eventually, you will be burnt out. You need to work on your root chakra in PHYSICAL BODY and eventually move into the orange quadrant. The ORANGE quadrant is where you get results and the next few pages will help you achieve this.

OVER TO YOU: Set up your own Time Management Matrix to identify what you do with your time.