Throat Chakra Balancing


“All though my life, the new sights of nature made me rejoice like a child.”
Marie Curie, Polish-born French Chemist, 1867 – 1934

The throat chakra is your CB radio, your lighthouse and your ship’s bell. It is you as an eloquent orator and as a sympathetic counsellor. This chakra needs freedom of expression and to be clear of blockage. If your throat chakra is oppressive then work on EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION. Be mindful of your solar plexus chakra beign too-overdeveloped, as this may be feeding into your over-developed throat chakra.

If your throat chakra is weak or damaged, you will be sensitive to and have a dislike of confrontation. You may be unable to express your needs and may only communicate in half-truths or lies. You have suppressed your feelings deep down so much that you literally have a lump in your throat or are susceptible to laryngitis and sore throats, loosing your voice on occasions. Neck pain can be a symptom. A lot of this suppression could be linked to trauma in your childhood or recent traumatic events. You may want to do the INNER CHILD exercise below to help you overcome this. However, please stop immediately if it becomes overwhelming. You may need to seek professional counselling. Opening up a chakra too quickly can be overwhelming.

The throat chakra is linked to a mid sky blue colour which is very calming. Focus on all hues of blue from turquoise to navy. Put up pictures of the sea or blue skies on the wall. Choose to eat blueberries and blackberries. Wear blue jeans or blue scarfs. Walk outside taking in the blue sky as much as possible. Use the colour as a visual cue to focus on this chakra. If your throat chakra is over-developed, try to avoid this colour.

Once you have channelled
raw energy from your lower chakras, then expanded it through your heart and chest, it is now time to refine it, ready for it to move to the higher consciousness. Yoga poses for the throat chakra are to enable you to listen to the subtle vibrations within. Life knocks us, good or bad, and we absorb that energy. If we allow the energy to reverberate back out, we become centred again. Imagine stumping your toe, you need to say ‘Ow’ to expel the painful energy. Now imagine if you can’t express your ‘Ow’, the painful energy stays within. This is what happens when we don’t express what our soul wants to let out. Our jaws tighten, shoulders tense and our body becomes misaligned. Speak your affirmations out loud. Huff and puff as much as you like. Open up your neck and throat with yoga moves

Do yoga poses: Lateral Shoulder Stretches, Shoulder Shrugs, Neck Stretches, Seated Yoga Mudra, Matsyasana Fish Pose, Parivrtta Parsvakonasana Extended Side Angle Pose, Bakasana Crane Pose, Salamba Sarvangasana Half Shoulder Pose, Sasangasana Rabbit Pose. (Images created by The Noun Project).

Parivrtta Parsvakonasana
Lateral Shoulder Stretches

As you do your yoga poses or as you sit quietly daily, say the following affirmation:
I am expressive. I listen. I communicate my truth with love and respect for others.”

Use the following essential oils to help you to stimulate and balance your heart chakra.
Palmarosa – reduces feelings of anger and relieves anxiety. It is also antiviral.
Rose Geranium – soothes dry skin and heals physical scars. It reduces anxiety & regulates hormonal imbalances.
Basil – has a clean, uplifting aroma, which aids digestion, eases symptoms of stress and relieves colds.
Clary Sage– instantly eases mental tension, is calming and helps with symptoms of depression.  Click here for more details on the healing power of essential oils.

Use the following crystals to help balance your throat chakra if it is UNDER-developed and you need to speak up or speak your truth:
Amazonite– this crystal encourages you to bravely speak your truth. It is ideal if speaking or singing is your occupation as it clears the throat chakra of blockages.
Lapis Lazuli – this ancient stone is extremely powerful, so proceed with caution. It empowers you to take responsibility, get real, be honest and be your authentic self.

Use the following crystals if your throat chakra is OVER-developed and need to calm your energy, become more centred and to listen more (to yourself and others):
Celestite – one of the most soothing, peaceful and angelic crystals. It calms energy, particularly over-thinking, over-analysing and over-talking. Perfect to calm throat chakra energy, allowing you to listen to your intuition rather than your racing thoughts.
Blue Lace Agate – my favourite of all time crystals. Very soothing and brings inner peace, perfect for calming excess throat energy. It awakens the inner child, so is very good for using in the exercise below. Click here for more details on the healing power of crystals.

See my EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION range of products to help you balance your throat chakra. Click through to each image:


  1. Take yourself to a safe and secure place, where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Cover yourself with a warm, cosy blanket. (Actual, not imaginary.)
  3. Physically being near water is ideal, such as at lakeside or by the sea.
  4. If not, close your eyes and imagine yourself sat overlooking the water.
  5. You see your younger self playing at the water’s edge.
  6. They immediately recognise you and approach you as a safe adult.
  7. Gently you ask if they would like to talk about their problems.
  8. Only if your inner child wants to, do you proceed. If not, stop.
  9. You cuddle them under your blanket and say they are now safe with you.
  10. Then talk to your inner child and listen carefully to what they are saying.
  11. Talk to them as the adult you, as you would to any child.
  12. It is here where you will understand what it is that is hurting you.
  13. End by asking if they would like to come home to live with you.
  14. Only if they agree, diminish the boundary between you and become one.
  15. Leave the water’s edge and come back to reality.