Third Eye Chakra Balancing

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“Man’s only limitation, within reason,
lies in his development and use of his imagination.”
Napoleon Hill, American Self-help Author, 1883 – 1970

The third eye chakra is your logic and intuition rolled into one, your guiding torch and your luminous map. It is you, as the intrepid explorer or scholar. It is your clear-sight. If your third eye is over-developed, you may be losing touch with reality and be finding it hard to concentrate. Your paranoia or superstitions may be starting to run your life or are preventing you from reaching your dreams. You may have a dream, but do not know where to start. If any of this is the case, go back to PHYSICAL BODY to ground yourself and work your way back up.

If your third eye chakra is closed or damaged you may be find it hard to visualise or use your imagination. You may be a hoarder, as earthly possessions are important to you, or you may feel empty, wondering what is the point to the constant treadmill of life. Your sacral and solar plexus chakras may be so over-developed, that your competitiveness causes you to dismiss other’s talents, closing your mind to opportunities. If this is the case, you need to physically slow down and take a DAY out of your diary once a year, to do this exercise, so as to achieve mental CLARITY; what I call my STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF DAY below.

The third eye chakra is linked to a purple colour which is very illuminating. Focus on all hues of purple from lavender to indigo. Look out for purple everywhere; wisteria, purple twilight, purple nail polish. Choose to eat plums. Wear an amethyst ring. Use the colour as a visual cue to focus on this chakra. If your third eye chakra is over-developed, try to avoid this colour.

Yoga’s affect on the sixth chakra, the third eye, is to illuminate your insight and wisdom. It is here where you start to see your path in life more clearly. As you move through to the higher chakras, you move towards stillness. You are slowing your mind and body down in preparation for meditation. Imagine a lake. At the break of day it is still and calm, reflection the sky, town or mountains surrounding it. As the day progresses, wave occurs due to movements upon the lake. Yoga is your stillness, so that you start to see your reflection. The real you.

Do yoga poses: Yogic Eye Exercises, Garudsana Eagle Pose, Makarasana Dolphin Pose, Tadasana Drawing the Line in Tadasana, Ustrasana Camel Pose and Anjaneyasana Deep Lunge. (Images created by The Noun Project).


As you do your yoga poses or as you sit quietly daily, say the following affirmation:
I am clear-sighted. I am intuitive. I use my perception. My mind is open to a new awareness and I follow my dreams.”

Use the following essential oils to help you to stimulate and balance your heart chakra.
Bay Laurel – helps promotes confidence and courage. It also purifies the air.
Frankincense – eases stress and balances hormones. Heals scars and helps smooth wrinkles.
Peppermint – is refreshing and stimulates the mind, aiding concentration.
Mandarin – is calming, yet uplifting. It is good for nervous tension. It helps with stretch marks and to help reduce fluid retention.  Click here for more details on the healing power of essential oils.

Use the following crystals to help balance your third eye if it is UNDER-developed and you need clarity of fore-sight:
Labradorite – a stone of many eye colours; a stone of seeing. This stone releases you from any energies that are holding you down in your lower chakras and raises you higher igniting your intuition and inner-wisdom. Use when meditating.
Azurite – anyone who has been to an 80’s neon disco or 90’s rave will get this stone’s power! It will raise your awareness and imagination, but will keep you there in a state of clarity and serenity.

Use the following crystals if your third eye is OVER-developed and need to calm your anxiety levels or bring your head out of the clouds.
Lepidolite – this crystal contains naturally Lithium which is used to balance mood disorders. It is one of the best stabilising and calming crystal for stress, anxiety and depression. Carry it with you throughout the day.
Chevron Amethyst – a sobering stone if you are dealing with addiction or carrying the anxiety and the negative energy of others. It creates a protective bubble around you whilst allowing you to see your true potential. Click here for more details on the healing power of crystals.

See my MINDFUL CLARITY range of products to help you balance your third eye chakra. Click through to each image:

Go to a place that you loved as a child or a place where you can have safe, peaceful solitude; by water or in nature. This exercise starts at 9am and finishes soon after 3pm, so you may want to stay overnight somewhere. You must adhere to the times and have perseverance. Take refreshments, a chair and a blanket, but strictly NO mobile phone, music, radio or any reading material. You may take pen and paper to make notes.

9am: LISTEN to what is around you. Let your mind wander.
11am: LOOK BACK into your past. What does your mind say?
1pm: What are your MOTIVES? What is your soul saying?
3pm: Write down your worries on the paper and bin it. Go home.

Solitude is wonderful for clearing and detoxing the mind.