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“Angels live among us. Sometimes they hide their wings, but there is no disguising the peace and hope they bring.”


Matt and I were relaxing on a balcony in Tenerife, after a night out, when the chair I was sitting on collapsed from beneath me and I fell crashing to the floor. Luckily, I was lubricated well enough not to have felt a thing – apart from a very bruised ego and stomach pains from laughter! However, it wasn’t until the final day of the holiday when I lifted up my bulging suitcase to weigh it, that I felt an over-stretched, elasticated ‘ping’ in my back. I couldn’t pull myself back upright and I was in raging agony. I spent the flight back home swigging copious amounts of whisky from tiny bottles for pain relief.

At home, I had no escape. I sat down and it hurt. I walked and it hurt. I lay on one side, then another. A red hot poker followed me everywhere, sending piercing fire through my nerves. Here I was, chained in purgatory. You only understand the freedom and value of good health when it is denied to you.

In the depths of my despair, a colleague suggested I visited Suzette Pullman at Lymm Osteopathic Practice. She had helped his wife, so may be able to help me. I immediately rang up and got a late cancellation. I can barely remember my first encounter with Suzette, I was so high on self-prescribed co-codeine and ibuprofen. She tells me I was “floating in another world”. For weeks Suzette clicked, pulled, bounced, rubbed and pummeled my body into some kind of ‘normality’ and eventually the pain subsided. This lady is an angel among us. Her healing power is bountiful. Eventually, Suzette told me that she could no longer advance in my treatment, as I was ‘not letting her in’. And this is where the penny dropped. The link between the mind, the body and spirit. My body was literally an empty shell and I was barely running on fumes.

Suzette Pulman at Lymm Osteopathic Practice

I had come through a very stressful period of my life; fighting the Borough Council over free parking issues, fighting against building on the green belt, and helping my son and daughter study for A levels and GCSE’s. I was exhausted mentally, physically and spiritually. There was nothing left and this was my body’s way of telling me so. If I was not going to listen, then it was going to shout – and how! The body keeps a score of all your emotional trauma, stress and exuberance. It stores all this trapped energy inside your cells and waits until it can be released. And usually through pain. This is exactly what was happening to me. Recent stress had compounded past trauma, to the point where my body could take no more. Suzette opened the door to holistic healing, in order to get to the route of my pain. She introduced me to Dr Art O’Malley, an EMDR psychiatrist, who worked on past trauma, as well as a shamanic healer, nutritionist, homeopathist and podiatrist. And slowly I have healed.

But more importantly, after each session with her, Suzette sent me off with a magic pot of peppermint cream for my pain relief and to bring down any inflammation. When I ran out, I made my own mixture using shea butter with added frankincense and black pepper to help soothe my arthritic knees. It wasn’t until Matt told me it was like sleeping next to a Fox’s Glacier Mint, that I decided to add some more aromatic essential oils to make the balm smell wonderful. Geranium is anti-spasmodic, and serves to dilate blood vessels which in turns increases the blood circulation to muscles. Lavender heals burns and old wounds. Basil reduces odemic swelling and cedarwood repairs deep muscle damage. Finally, rosemary relieves nerve pain, whilst eucalyptus clears any blocked airways when suffering from a cough or cold. All in one pot. My heavenly, WONDER BALM.

But it is thanks to Suzette, that my life is much now more pleasurable!

Wonder Balm Pain Relief

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