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“Where words fail, music speaks.” 

Hans Christian Andersen, Danish Author, 1805 -1875

In 2007, I hit rock bottom. Having been through the most stressful time of my life in the preceding 2 years, my brain finally said “Enough is enough”. Thankfully, ‘depression’, or as Churchill called it “the black dog”, is now something that is being talked about more and more.

My depression manifested itself as a grey blanket that lay hovering just above my head. I walked, but it did not feel I was moving. I spoke, but could not hear myself and I saw, but did not see. I felt not ‘sad’, but indifferent. The only way to describe my existence was like Christopher Eccleston’s character in “The Others”, coming in out of the fog; living but not really being here. There are two things that helped me through this period; cooking and aromatherapy. Cooking allowed me to follow simple instructions from start to finish: taking simple ingredients and turning them into an instant creation. Aromatherapy allowed me to ‘feel‘ using my nose. In the same way a composer hears notes to compose a musical symphony, I take essential oils and create an aromatic blend. It enables me to express how I feel. Mozart’s Allegro, Piano and Adagio is my rosemary, lavender and sandalwood.

I was inspired to create the TRANQUIL blend after a friend very kindly bought me a Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Mandarin candle to cheer me up. I knew I could not afford to splash out on another candle, so I created a blend that was specific to what I needed, but equally as beautiful in scent.

I created the Tranquil blend initially for my diffuser and then I turned it into a luxury candle. The blend is reminiscent of the A minor chord. Whilst created using sharp, white keys, the overall melody is peaceful. Basil is my ‘A’ note; lower in tone and on its own is very overpowering. It is used to clear the mind and stimulate thoughts. Then alongside this is bergamot, slightly higher in aroma, it softens the penetrating A note with a middle ‘C’. The floral and citrus aroma of this oil soothes any depression, bringing with it reassurance and stability. A finally, to lift the melody, is my high note ‘E’, pine needle. On its own, this oil is very light, without significance, but plays a big role in pulling the chord together. Pine needle is wonderful for clearing respiration and for cleansing the mind.

Play the A minor ACE chord, and you will hear what this blend smells like. Clearing, reassuring and stimulating. Whilst I am no great, blazing pioneer such as Churchill, Mozart or Malone, I would like to think that I am slowly making my own way through the fog.

Winston Churchill
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Jo Malone MBE
Anna Vero TRANQUIL Luxury Candle

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