The Law of Attraction

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“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”
Sir Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister, 1874 – 1965

Everything on Earth is constantly seeking to maintain the state of equilibrium, therefore ultimately returning back to near balance. What you think about, positive or negative will ultimately come to you, as the earth re-addresses the balance. But it is important to realise there is an abundance for everyone – everyone will get what they need or desire. This is the Law of Attraction.

In INTEGRITY & PLANNING, I spoke about Stephen R. Coveys ‘Win/Win’ approach, which strives to achieve a “mutual benefit in all social interactions”. The final ingredient in the formula was having an ABUNDANCE MENTALITY. This is a belief that there is enough out there for everyone and it comes from a deep, inner sense of self worth. It is wanting to have success for all and not being scared that if someone has more of it, you will have less.

Someone may have something, but will want to search for what they don’t have; whether it is love, money, friendships, security. In every situation, there is both a negative aspect and a positive one; pesky wasps plaguing us in the height of summer, don’t bother us in the depths of winter. You live a happy life, but are in constant fear you will lose it. You have hit rock bottom and hope is the only way up. Either way, whatever you believe, it will happen. This is is the Law of Attraction. Believe that there is an abundance for all and everyone will get what they need or desire.

You will only achieve this state of mind if you take the focus off others and bring it back to centre. To do that you need to be OPEN-MINDED and IMPARTIAL and this can only be brought about through active thought.

Your thoughts are at the very centre of your CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE, only you control them.

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