Tagliatelle Carbonara

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Family of Seven Children

“Punctuality is the Politeness of Kings” Louis XVIII, 1755 – 1824

Having to feed seven children, my grandmother, Nonna Maria had to be very disciplined in her kitchen. First and foremost, she was organised. She had a place for everything and everything was in its place. She kept a close eye on her ‘food stock’ and always planned her meals in advance ensuring she had the ingredients. What helped the most to manage her budget, was sticking to a routine; just vegetables on Monday; pasta on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; meat on Wednesday and Sunday and fish on Friday. Most importantly, lunch was served at 1pm precisely.

This is a variation on Nonna’s Carbonara sauce. Always serve it immediately on warmed plates, so not as to spoil.

Tagliatelle Carbonara

Serves 4 to 6
455g (1lb) tagliatelle * 85g (3oz) butter * 115g (4oz) pancetta or unsmoked bacon, cut into strips * 8 egg yolks * 6 tbsp double cream * 55g (2oz) parmesan cheese * ground black pepper * pinch of ground nutmeg * 2tbsp fresh parsley, chopped

Cook the tagliatelle for 8-10 minutes until ‘al dente’. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a deep frying pan, add the pancetta and cook over a medium heat, until golden brown. In a large bowl (enough to hold the pasta) mix together the egg yolks, cream, parmesan, pepper, nutmeg and parsley. Drain the tagliatelle and keep it dripping wet to keep it warm. Quickly transfer the tagliatelle to the frying pan and mix in the pancetta. Then transfer the pasta and pancetta to the large bowl and mix with the egg mixture until creamy. Serve on warmed plates.

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This recipe comes from the section THE ITALIAN JOB, a selection of authentic Italian recipes.