Social Drive

GOAL 2: Engage in joyful SOCIAL activity.
GOAL 3: Identify and DRIVE with your purpose in life.

You are energetic and optimistic, organised and focused, with self-confidence and satisfying relationships. When your sacral and solar plexus chakras are in balance, you are energetic, enjoying life’s pleasures and focusing on your goals. These symptoms may appear if there is an imbalance somewhere, which means you need to work on these chakras. There is a subtle difference between the two. Below are some solutions to help you.

Your SACRAL chakra, Svadhishthana, which means “one’s own abode” is linked to the root chakra, but it progresses from survival to the sheer joy of being alive. It is about enjoyment, creativity and sensuous intimacy; it is your big, juicy orange. It is located in the lower belly, between your navel and your pubic bone. The feelings that come out of here are visceral, and not being linked to any process of thought, are difficult to ignore. Sometimes there is a lot of ‘stuck’, unprocessed energy here which can be a cause of depression, where life has lost its joy and you feel numb. Working on this area can help energy to start flowing again particulary up to your solar plexus.

The yellow SOLAR PLEXUS chakra, Manipura, meaning “lustrous gem”, is your source of will-power, self-confidence and accomplishment. It is your drive and enthusiasm to reach your goals. It is located between your navel and breastbone, radiating outwards like sun rays. You will feel it as the bundle of nerves in your stomach giving you the fire in your belly, your gut intuition if something is right and the sinking feeling of dread if something is wrong. It is very different from the higher intuition of the third eye and it is very much nature’s survival mechanism, so my advice is to start listening to it. You will know when your solar plexus chakra is weak as you will lack direction in life, hate your work or at worst, remain in an abusive relationship. Again, stuck energy here leads to depression. Alternatively, this chakra could be spinning out of control, so much that you find it hard to switch off, are over-competitive or at worst, a bully! You may want to work on your MINDFUL CLARITY or EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION respectively if this is the case.