Sleep & Relaxation

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“Sleep that knits up the ravell’d sleeve of care,
The death of each day’s life, sore labour’s bath, balm of hurt minds.”
Macbeth, Act 2 Scene 2

SLEEP and RELAXATION are the most YIN of all activities. It is essential for repairing our body’s cells and processing thoughts. However, for those who suffer from insomnia, it is something that can only be grappled with. Even a few nights of broken sleep can diminish your mental and physical capacity, leading to frustration. I have had to manage my insomnia for 30 years and have tried almost every remedy there is available. My insomnia can either be: not being able to fall asleep at night or waking up at 3am. My afternoons are normally taken up by a nap; not conducive for a 9 to 5 job.

I would like to share with you my 4 step plan, which allows me to relax in the evening, so that I can drift off to a natural sleep, deep enough to take me through to dawn. Or if I do wake up in the early hours, to help me go back off again. You can use all of them, some of them or none.

Take a cup of camomile tea up to bed with you and sip it whilst you perform this nightly ritual. It is soothing and acts as a sedative on the nervous system.

Use vetiver essential oil to calm a busy mind, balance the nervous system and to descend into a deep sleep. Add 5 drops to 50ml of grapeseed oil and simply rub the oil over your arms, décolletage, neck and shoulders, ideally 1 hour before you want to sleep. I guarantee you the best night sleep you have ever had!

Your legs and feet are associated with your root chakra, so the quickest way to become relaxed and grounded is through reflexology. This is something you can do every night using my Anna Vero FOOT BALM, containing Manuka and Peppermint essential oils. Massage the following areas on each foot for as long as it feels comfortable, (no more than 10 minutes in total). Each area of the foot corresponds with a part of the body, which needs relaxing.

a. Middle of the foot – Solar Plexus (relaxation)
b. Big Toe – head and brain
c. Toes and base of toes – neck
d. The ‘inner’ side of the feet – spine
e. Pat under small toe – arms and shoulders
Do not do this on children or if you are pregnant and first speak to your doctor if you are under their supervision.

In his book, ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’, Joseph Murphy suggests that we are all connected to each other on a metaphysical level. The spirit, or soul, within us transcends our body and mixes with other people’s souls, connecting with them, in the same way as if we were awake. Your spirit never ‘sleeps’. I was sceptical until I tried what he suggested and I found it works. Have a notebook by your bed and write down your to-do list, your thoughts and maybe a problem that may keep you awake. As you are writing it, talk to your inner spirit and ask it to leave your physical body and mechanical mind, so that you can sleep. Give it the problem to solve, just as long as it leaves you alone to rest. In the morning, you may find you have the answer. I will talk more about this in MINDFUL CLARITY.

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