Self-Reliance & Self-Belief

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“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”
Coco Chanel, French Fashion Designer, 1883-1971

By doing work on PHYSICAL BODY and SOCIAL DRIVE, you will have expressed your personal vision in the form of a personal written statement and you will have an understanding of what it is that you desire. Now you need to mix those thoughts and feelings with faith. Here I will help you develop faith in yourself.

Your greatest barrier to a SUCCESSFUL LIFE BALANCE is your lack of CONFIDENCE. Self-confidence does not come easily to some. If this is you, consider if you need to work on emotional healing first in EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION. Damage to the healthy, natural ego we are born with occurs through life experiences and listening to the script of others. Re-read your written statement, as this is your script. Self-confidence is a combination of self-reliance and self-belief:

This is independent action and being able to fall back on your own initiative, in order to live a full life, free from fear of ridicule or the need for approval from others. You have a protective shield around you which is strong enough to keep out negative, toxic energy, yet permeable enough to absorb the good. Re-look at the YELLOW BLANKET technique. This is James Allen’s recipe for self-reliance, taken from his book ‘The Eight Pillars of Prosperity’:

CERTAINTY: This only stems from truth. If you are true to yourself, truthful to others and work from a solid ground of truthful knowledge, then you have a firm foundation.

DECISIONS: Make up your mind quickly. Decisions make you strong. If you hesitate for fear of making a wrong decision, it may cost you. Do not doubt your power to act in any situation.

STEADFAST: This is where having principle-centred values keep you strong, with a determined mind to get things done. Deceitfulness or weakness undermines your character and influence.

DIGNITY: This is the regal robe for steadfastness. Treat everyone with esteem and calm composure. Be a bar of steel against bad influences and a willow branch bending to adapt to good.

WORK: Except for failing health, you should not be depending on others. Independence and freedom only come from labour and not idleness.

Think of this logically, you have a personal vision which you have developed into a well defined plan with timings, resources and goals. You are principle-centred, working only with the truth. You have achieved a lot in your life, so are already self-reliant. Now move it one stage on. Have faith in you.

OVER TO YOU: In a secure, comfortable place, close your eyes and simply listen to the inner you, which is your soul. No doubt. No fear. Just inner power and resolve deep inside you. Now gradually bring that power into your mind. Hold onto it. This is your self-belief.