Root Chakra Balancing

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“Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.”
Rumi, Persian Poet & Scholar, 1207 – 1273

The root chakra is your house’s foundation, your safe room, your cave. It is you as the hunter gatherer, foraging the land and then storing food for the winter. It is satisfying your basic needs with your tribe. If your root chakra is over-developed you may be a hoarder, be set in your ways, a bit dull or you lack emotional resilience when life starts to unravel. In which case, work your way through SOCIAL DRIVE, EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION & MINDFUL CLARITY.

When your root chakra is weak, you feel spacey and ungrounded, physically weak or suffer with insomnia. This maybe because your other chakras are stronger and overpowering this chakra. You may be too mentally stressed, too ambitiously driven or taking more notice of your emotions or spirituality. Use these self-help solutions to bring your root chakra into balance.

The root chakra is linked to a vibrant red colour which is very stimulating. Focus on all hues of red from burgundy to soft pink. Pick out red flowers, choose to eat raspberries or strawberries. Wear a red lipstick or red shoes. Use the colour as a visual cue to focus on this chakra. If your root chakra is over-developed, try to avoid this colour.

Start your yoga with grounding and to activate your kundalini: push down to rise up. By pushing down into the earth, your energy will reverse and rise up in your body, energising your legs. Just as a plant must have deep roots to grow taller, you need to ground to reach higher to your chakras. Rise up from your legs and spine.

Do yoga poses: Aspanasana knees to chest, Seta Bandha Sarvangasana bridge pose, Bhujangasana cobra pose, Adho Mukha Svanasana downward facing dog pose, Uttanasana standing forward pose, Utkatasana awkward chair pose, Vrksasana tree pose and Balasana child’s pose. (Images from Noun Project).

Seta Bandha Sarvangasana
Adho Mukha Svanasana

As you do your yoga poses or as you sit quietly daily, say the following affirmation:
I am grounded. I am safe. I am strong. I am healthy. I am happy in my body. Mother Earth gives me what I need as I need it. I have enough.

Use the following essential oils to help you ground and balance your root chakra.
Vetiver – is a powerful sedative & helps ease insomnia, sending you into and keeping you in a deep sleep.
Marjoram – is a mild sedative used for managing insomnia. It eases pain, making it ideal for relieving migraine.
Camomile – is wonderfully soothing and a sedative ready for sleep.
Lavender – is soothing and relaxing, helping to relieve headaches. It works as a sedative, which means that it is useful to alleviate insomnia. Click here for more details on the healing power of essential oils.

Use the following crystals to help balance your root chakra if it is UNDER-developed and you need grounding:
Red Calcite this calms physical energy when you are too hyper. It is also great for physical healing. Place on the area of your body you need healing.
Black Tourmaline – this is a crystal heavyweight to keep you anchored in physical reality. This will protect your personal boundaries and deflect negative energy.

Use the following crystals if your root chakra is OVER-developed and you need to release the kundalini energy to progress through to the higher chakras for successful life balance:
Red Jasper – this rock helps you ground whilst strengthening and energising your physical body. Use it when walking barefoot on the grass for connecting with the earth’s energy moving it through your body.
Red Tiger’s Eye – use this if you are too grounded and need to activate your kundalini energy. Use with caution, as it can stir uncomfortable emotions through to your sacral chakra. Click here for more details on the healing power of crystals.

See my PHYSICAL BODY range of products to help you balance your root chakra. Click through to each image:

In his book, ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’, Joseph Murphy suggests that we are all connected to each other on a metaphysical level. The spirit, or soul, within us transcends our body and mixes with other people’s souls, connecting with them, in the same way as if we were awake. Your spirit never ‘sleeps’. I was sceptical until I tried what he suggested and I found it works. Have a notebook by your bed and write down your to-do list, your thoughts and maybe a problem that may keep you awake. As you are writing it, talk to your inner spirit and ask it to leave your physical body and mechanical mind, so that you can sleep. Give it the problem to solve, just as long as it leaves you alone to rest. In the morning, you may find you have the answer. I talk more about this in MINDFUL CLARITY.

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