Red Wine Sorbet



” Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”
Sam Keen, American Author

In 2009, we ventured further south to Spain, staying in a beautiful villa in the mountains near Benissa. The heat was torrid. We lounged around like lizards, seeking shade and craving ice. The children split their time between the refreshing pool and the welcomed indoor air-conditioning.

The consultation for such oppressive heat was that it was the only holiday I have ever seen Tohun actually in the pool and the time I was introduced to Red Wine Sorbet.

Josh & Bill
Red Wine Sorbet

Serves 4
255g (9oz) caster sugar * 250ml (8 floz) boiling water * 90ml (3 floz) orange juice * 250ml (8 floz) red wine

Dissolve the caster sugar in the boiling water, stirring until it is completely dissolved. Add the orange juice and red wine, then stir. Pour into a plastic freezer box, cover and freeze. Stir every 30 minutes with a whisk during freezing to break up the ice crystals, giving it a better texture. Place a layer of clingfilm over the surface and replace the container lid. Freeze overnight and then keep until ready to serve.

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