Mindfulness For Stress Management


Our lives are so busy; we are constantly distracted by other people’s opinion, mobile phones, T.V., social media and even our own ‘egotistical’ thoughts. We don’t actually listen to ourselves. You may think you are the person who is talking in your head…..but you are actually the person listening to those thoughts.

Powerful, eh? Do you listen to negative or positive speaking? You know that you have a choice of what to listen to?

I will take you through the basic concept of mindfulness, becoming aware and noticing the environment around you now, living in the present moment and becoming non-judgmental (of others and your own thoughts). I will show how this daily practice can make your mind sharper and decrease your stress levels which lead to ill-health.

Coming in 2022.



Price: £40

(4hrs – dates coming soon)

 ‘Mindfulness’ was founded by Jon Zabat Zinn, who coined the phrase we now use today. This concept stems from Buddhism, which is not a religion, but a practice followed by like-minded people. Zinn’s definition of mindfulness is:

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way on purpose,

in the present moment in a non-judgemental way.”


The course is designed to ‘wake you up’ and learn that being happy is a choice, which only you have power over. This is a very practical course and I will ask you to come in comfortable clothing for meditation and other course exercises:

  • A Brief History of Buddhism and Mindfulness
  • Your ‘Ego’ Mind and ‘Butterfly’ Mind
  • Separating you from Thoughts, Emotions and the Environment
  • How Thoughts Affect our Stress Levels
  • Pain and the Price of Freedom
  • Awakening your Awareness: The Power of Now Exercise
  • Positive and Negative Thinking
  • Cultivating Gratitude and Compassion
  • Yoga, Meditation and Chakra Balancing Exercise

Lunch & Refreshments provided. Wear comfortable clothing.

Dates of Courses: TBA