CLARITY Soy Wax Candle 20cl


Bay Laurel & Rosemary essential oils in soy wax.

A fresh scented candle, ideal for use while meditating or studying.

Perfect for lighting when guests are round to stimulate conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.

This candle was specially formulated for my friend Anne, who loves herbal aromas.

Pure essential oils and soy wax are used for a cleaner smoke and no toxins.

At least 30 hours burn time.



This fresh-scented candle is designed to RELIEVE anxiety and stress and to create CLARITY of mind. Ideal if you need help with MINDFUL CLARITY

It has a spicy, herbaceous fragrance.

Bay Laurel essential oil helps promotes confidence and courage, as well as purifying the air.

Rosemary oil invigorates the mind.

Soy Wax is 100% natural, burns clean, releases the scent slowly and lasts longer; at least 30 hours burn time.