Physical Body

GOAL 1: Focus on building PHYSICAL hardiness:

You feel grounded and safe, managing the basics in life, with a solid platform to realise your dreams. When your root chakra is in balance, you feel grounded, secure and comfortable in your own skin, enjoying a stable life. These symptoms may appear if there is an imbalance somewhere, which means you need to work on your root chakra. Below are some solutions to help you.

The earthy red, ROOT chakra, Muladhara, means “the root” and is located in the base of the spine in the perineum. It points downwards and connects us with the earth. It is so important to have a strong root chakra, as it provides a solid foundation for achieving our goals and for spiritual health. The main function here is the survival of our physical body. Within Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it is the base i.e. survival, shelter, hunting and foraging (well, food shopping) and staying on good terms with the rest of our tribe (ok, family). A balance here is when you have a good handle on your finances, your home is organised and you have a strong connection with what you refer to as your close family. More importantly, you are paying attention to your own body, giving it nourishing food and the exercise it needs.

You will know when you are imbalanced in these areas if your life is in a bit of a mess, you feel physically weak or you are living too much ‘in your head’. Alternatively, you may be too over-developed in this area, being too set in your ways with no ‘spark’, hoarding or are too concerned with material things rather than emotions and people. You may also have no interest in spirituality, calling it “mumbo-jumbo”. In which case, work on this chakra and make your way up through SOCIAL DRIVE, EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION AND MINDFUL CLARITY, respectively.

Let’s start on strengthening this your physical body root chakra: