Pancetta & Chestnut Sprouts


A must in our house. Where Italy meets Britain; pancetta, chestnuts, Marsala wine and sprouts. Makes a perfect combination.

Serves 6
710g (1½lb) Brussel sprouts * 115g (4oz) pancetta cubes * 115g (4oz) vacuum-packed chestnuts, cut them into smaller pieces * 30g (1oz) butter * 1 tsp vegetable oil * 2 tbsp Marsala * salt

Prepare the sprouts by cutting off the stalk ends, peeling off the outer leaves and cutting an X on the bottom of the larger ones. Put the sprouts in boiling water for 5 minutes, then drain them. You don’t want them mushy. Fry the pancetta in the oil a little and then add the chestnuts and butter. Pour in the Marsala then let it bubble into a thick syrup. Add in the drained sprouts and mix. Transfer to a warmed serving bowl.

Pancetta & Chestnut Sprouts
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