Moderation & Organisation

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“Life is too short for confusion.”
James Allen, British Philosopher, 1864 – 1912


My model is all about balance. To succeed in a happy life, everything we do needs to be in MODERATION and the extremes avoided. That is true of money, food, clothing, recreation, rest, time and energy; this is what is meant by ECONOMY.

“For all the money in the world……”
This is only a symbol of exchange and purchasing power, but if you wish to acquire more of it, you should leave some money for working capital or in case of an emergency. Being a penny-pincher is just as bad as being a spendthrift, as money becomes dead when it should be used for good. You will be happier if you see money as a means to an end, rather than the end result itself.

“Healthy body, healthy mind….”
This represents life and vitality, for physical and mental strength. The aim here is to be well nourished and not overfed. Starving yourself in order to get a slender body only diminishes your energy, and ultimately your chances of achievement. But in the same way, over-eating, especially with the wrong foods and drink, fills your body with toxins, which in turn slows you down or encourages the manifestation of disease.

“All work and no play..”
Hard work is the only way to achieving our goals or, at the very least, to keeping the roof over our heads. However, you do need to give yourself time to enjoy life (see the next section, SOCIAL DRIVE). So make sure you actually schedule time in for exercise, hobbies and sleep. Stress is a killer. Sleep is the antidote. Exercise is the doctor. Again, in moderation; this does not give you the excuse to watch TV all day!

“You are not what you wear..”
We live in a world of reality TV and social media, where we are sold on the idea that clothes, shoes and possessions are the key to happiness. Whilst there is a need for cleanliness and tidiness, you will have learnt by now that having too many shoes and bags just clutter up your space and ultimately your mind. Having that one special lipstick or designer coat is wonderfully uplifting, but don’t let it define who you are.

“….1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”
We can all attain a skill, which we can become good and excel at. The more efficient we become, the more we improve, the greater chance of becoming an expert in a chosen field and the greater we stand out from the crowd. Resourcefulness comes from taking that skill and adapting it as we meet problems or encounter change: like a river which never runs dry. With continuing excellence over time and persistence, you can attain originality. And that is only one step away from genius. Think Albert Einstein.

“Time is money…”
Time is a great leveller; we are all given it in equal measure. Therefore, how come some people scale great heights whilst others live a dull, mediocre life? One reason is the economy of time and energy. Successful people sieve out everything in life that is of little use and economise on their time. Energy cannot be destroyed, but can be ‘wasted’. What have you wasted your time and energy on today, that could have been put to better use?

OVER TO YOU: Which of these areas are you living in moderation? Which areas are in either extreme?


We all lead very busy lives and most of us can ill afford wasting time and energy looking for things or rectifying mistakes. However, you may want to re-examine the amount of time: you go hunting for items in your home; searching for a file for your business or going back and doing the work again due to your mistake. Or worse, apologising to someone because of your mistake.

Creating a solid foundation for a balanced, successful life starts with a good SYSTEM and clear ORGANISATION. Your root chakra will spin freely when you know that this is in place. It provides you with the peace of mind that you have your basic needs covered and can spend time, emotional energy and physical energy pursuing your goals and dreams. So it is important that you don’t overlook this one. Which area of your life do you need good organisation?

“A place for everything….”
This is the fundamental solution to an imbalanced root chakra; a tidy, organised house. Decor does not matter, as long as there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. How long do you take looking for your car keys in the morning? Start small, such as tidying your handbag or do the biggest bugbear like putting up those coat hooks in the hallway. Declutter. My section on basic, common sense FENG SHUI will help you with this to encourage a better flow of energy in your home and ultimately your root chakra.

“Take care of the pennies….”
Money is a root chakra issue. Anyone who has had to penny-pinch to pay the bills or has hidden behind the sofa from a debt collector as a child, will vouch for the feeling of having the ‘rug pulled from beneath your feet’. So ensure you budget and spend in moderation. Seek financial advice from experts or some debt counselling. Start putting money away for your pension. This is crucial. If dealing with this installs fear, you may need to do some work on EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION, which will start a healing process.

“Mind your own business….”
Here is where a system and organisation is necessary. Without it your business or job can’t function efficiently and it is harder to delegate. If you are doing all the work yourself, leaving you with little time, then this is an area to work on. First of all, see the bigger picture, so that you can identify the areas for delegation. Ensure accuracy in work and speech, so that little time is spent rectifying mistakes. Don’t procrastinate in making decisions and don’t keep changing your mind once you have made them. You may need help from a boss or from a mentor. Do some work on SOCIAL DRIVE.

“Know your own mind….”
You will have started on your PERSONAL WRITTEN STATEMENT, so you have an idea of who your are, what you want to be and what you want to achieve. Identify the roles and apportion time weekly on a to-do list for each. Add two to three goals you would like to achieve in that week, which draws you nearer to your vision. Take a few minutes each day to adapt your weekly to-do list. Tip: deal with ‘things’ efficiently and ‘people’ effectively. It may take longer to talk through a problem with your daughter than writing a birthday card. Expect this and frustrations diminish.

OVER TO YOU: Which of these areas do you need to concentrate your efforts on now in order to organise and create an efficient system for the long term?

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