Mindful Clarity


GOAL 6: Practice daily MINDFULness.
GOAL 7: Promote CLARITY of thought and mind.

You are wise, with a strong moral compass, see with clear inner vision and have a deep sense of trust, being in harmony with the universe. When your third eye and crown chakras are balanced you feel calm, connected and have clarity of thought. Stress plays a big part in throwing these chakras out of line, so my solutions below may be of help to you.

The violet-coloured, THIRD EYE chakra, Ajna meaning “to command” is right in the middle of your forehead, located at the pineal gland in the brain. It is what Jung refers to as “collective unconsciousness. Opening this chakra really has benefits and if you practice mindfulness and meditation, then you will have a healthy, open third eye chakra. Here you are rising above your feelings and emotions, are not affected by your environment or the emotions of others. You will know when this is working well as you will be clear-sighted, have a good working imagination and are able to listen to your own inner voice, or soul. The key here is to ensure you are both grounded and have a clear third-eye, otherwise you will lose touch with reality, become overwhelmed with everything and find it hard to concentrate. Do some work on PHYSICAL BODY if this is the case. Stress plays a significant part in clouding the third eye, as figuratively, you can’t see the woods for the trees.

Equally, having your third-eye shut is not going to enable you to realise your potential. Having a narrow mind means you miss out on all the opportunities that will be presenting themselves to you or you may find it hard to visualise your dreams, in order to make them a reality. If you live in the lower chakras, buying that extra pair of Jimmy Choo shoes or Louis Vutton bag is not going to fulfil your sense of emptiness.

The bright light, CROWN chakra, Sahasrara, meaning “thousand-petalled” is the seventh and final chakra and is located just above our heads. It is often depicted as a saint’s halo and links us to the divine and the universe. Whatever our belief system, whether we believe in God, Allah or angles etc, it is important to have this final connection with spirituality. It is the higher state of consciousness and is when there is no separation between you and the universe you thrive in. It is the definition of ‘bliss’. From experience, I know that not having this final link with spirituality and being hostile to the idea of it, leaves you feeling lonely and depressed. Find something to believe in, even if it is the beauty and miracle of nature.