Mastering Fear

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“I have a lot of things to prove to myself. One is that I can live my life fearlessly.”
Oprah Winfrey, American TV Personality

FEAR is a state of mind. Manifestations are first created by thought and we have the power to control our thoughts. Fear is an energy that creeps up on you and germinates without being observed. If fear is a vibration felt by bees, dogs and horses, then it is inevitable that it is also felt by humans, destroying intelligent action and ambition. There are five basic fears and all are barriers to success. So, you need to know your enemy. Choose which one is yours and decide to overcome it. Live the life you want.

This is the most common and the most destructive. It leads to sleeplessness, worry and unhappiness. It destroys accurate thinking and imagination, undermining ambition. You will be indecisive, over-cautious or live with doubt. If this is your fear then overcome it by first accepting what wealth you have and be thankful for it. Turn your back on any thought of poverty and only think of wealth. Have a plan and follow it wholeheartedly, burning bridges back to ‘safety’ if you have to. Be courageous in thought. Work on organising your finances and MINDFUL CLARITY.

Criticism is easy and plentiful, especially from parents and loved ones. It robs you of your initiative, your imagination and your self-belief. It destroys your ambition. You will know if this is your fear if you are self-conscious and nervous; subservient in your poise and voice; you lack personal charm or imitate others; you extravagantly ‘Keep up with the Jones’; or you may even criticise others. Overcome this fear by aligning with your core values and principles, follow your personal written statement and work on SOCIAL DRIVE. This way you will be listening to your internal voice and not that of others.

These two fears manifest with the same symptoms. Both are fears of the loss of personal impact, economic freedom, physical independence, and even sexual prowess. This is your fear if you find yourself playing to it, by slowing down, looking for sympathy, self-medicating with drugs and alcohol or apologising for being too old. Poppycock! You are at your mental and spiritual peak between 40 and 60. Accept old age as a blessing, which carries wisdom and distract yourself from symptoms of ill health. Work on diet and exercise and MINDFUL CLARITY.

This goes back to the dawn of time! A fear of being robbed of love through our actions. You trust no-one and are suspicious of everyone. You may find fault in your family and friends without cause or provocation, suffering from bad-temper, sleeplessness or a lack of control. This is a deep rooted fear which may need some specialist counselling work. You may need to work on your PHYSICAL BODY and EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION to begin with, then on your SOCIAL DRIVE, which will improve your self-esteem.

This fear is hot-wired into our cells, as it is nature’s way of maintaining equilibrium. You will be constantly thinking of death instead of enjoying life, worrying so much that it causes paralysis. The only way to overcome this is to accept that death is inevitable and that when your time is up, it’s up. Whilst you are still alive, find a purpose in life, a burning desire to achieve it and connect with a higher power. Work on SOCIAL DRIVE and MINDFUL CLARITY.

OVER TO YOU: Know your enemy, to defeat your enemy. Which one of these fears do you have, if any?