Kiwi & Pineapple Smoothie

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This smoothie is packed full of goodness for heart health. Both kiwis and pineapples have nutrients which promote a healthy heart. Pineapples are also particularly good for any inflammation, so ideal if someone is recovering from a sports injury or surgery.

KIWI fruit is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A, B6, B12, E and potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium for full body functioning. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids and carotenoids to promote heart health.

PINEAPPLE Bromelain is an enzyme in pineapple, which has strong anti-inflammatory and protein-digesting properties.

Serves 1
1 ripe kiwi, peeled and sliced * ½ fresh pineapple, peeled, cored and chopped * 1 banana, peeled and sliced * 90ml (3 floz) pineapple juice * a handful of spinach

Whizz all the ingredients together in a blender until smooth and creamy. Serve immediately.

Kiwi & Pineapple Smoothie

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