Insalata di Mare

Fish Platter Antipasti


Zio Mario

Zio Mario was the youngest of my Uncles and had a zest for life. He presented the world in high fidelity VistaVision or panoramic high definition 3D. Whether we were exploring the magnificent buildings of the Piazza San Marco or travelling along the Grand Canal in a motoscato, Zio Mario made it fun.

My lasting memory of Zio was his love of freshly caught seafood. Living on La Laguna meant that he could indulge in his passion easily. One year, for a family party, Zio Mario had pre-ordered in the greatest variety of seafood I have ever seen and have never experienced since: cozze, sepia, calamari, vongole, cannolicchio, capasante, scampi and granchi all served on an iced platter with lemone, aceto e sale. This is the closest recipe I could find to replicate the spectacular taste.

Serves 4
2 garlic cloves, halved * juice of 2 lemons * 565g (1¼lb) mixed fresh seafood: prawns, mussels, squid, clams * 90ml (3floz) olive oil * 2 tbsp finely chopped flat-leaf parsley * salt & freshly ground black pepper

Put the garlic in the lemon juice and leave for one hour, then discard the garlic. Cook the shellfish in a little water in a covered pan, for a few minutes until the shells open. Remove and discard all the shells. Simmer all the other fish in a large pan of water until just cooked and then drain.

Mix the lemon juice with the olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper. Mix this dressing with the fish, then leave to rest and cool. Mix again before serving.

I have collated all my favourite recipes into one book FOOD FOR ALL OCCASIONS.

This recipe comes from the section THE ITALIAN JOB, a selection of authentic Italian recipes.


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