Heart Chakra Balancing


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
Rumi, Persian Poet, 1207-1273

The heart chakra is your bridge between matter and spirit, heaven and earth, body and soul. It is like being suspended in a warm bowl of soup or having comforting arms around you. It is where you radiate and absorb love. If your heart chakra is damaged or under-developed, you may be emotionally distant, stony hearted or hurtful. There may be underlying emotional issues which you may need to seek help with. But, allow yourself space. You will know when the time is right to start the healing process.

If your heart chakra is over-developed, it will manifest as a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem or one that is too open. This is when you start to become exhausted with dealing with other people’s problems and drama.

The heart chakra is linked to a bright, grass green colour which is very soothing. Focus on all hues of green from pale lime to forest green. Pink is also associated with the heart chakra. Place plants around your home, choose to eat kiwis, broccoli and peas. Wear green wellington or carry a green handbag. Walk in the woods or sit in your garden. Use the colour as a visual cue to focus on this chakra. If your heart chakra is over-developed, try to avoid this colour.

Expand the energy that is generated within the first three chakras, whilst starting your yoga, pulling it into your heart chakra where it can now soften. Working your forth chakra, the heart, is about using your breath to release old emotions, expand your interior body and soften your resistance. Your breath is the perpetual exchange between your inner world and outer world. Love is the connection between you (inner) and others (outer), so opening your heart chakra through yoga poses breaks down our defenses and clears blockages. These defenses may have been built from past hurts, betrayals or childhood wounds and become hard-wired in our body, shortening connective tissue, drawing our shoulders forward protecting our heart. Or our chest becomes puffed up, frozen in a military ‘ready for action’ stance. Yoga poses specifically for the heart chakra will open the chest, soften our stance and make room for fullness of breath; the longevity of life.

Do yoga poses: Ardvha Aastasana Standing Mudra, Gomukhasana Cow Face Pose, Marjaryasana Cat Pose, Anahatasana Extended Puppy Pose, Bitilasana Cow Pose; Adho Muhka Svanasana Downward Facing Dog, Thread the Needle Twist, Ustrasana Camel Pose and Parighasana Half Circle Pose. (Images created by The Noun Project).

Ardvha Aastasana

As you do your yoga poses or as you sit quietly daily, say the following affirmation:
I am loving. I am loved. I am open-hearted. I radiate love as I move through life with ease.”

Use the following essential oils to help you to stimulate and balance your heart chakra.
Lime – helps relieve anxiety and stress. It is a great oil to use when convalescing after illness.
Rose – is a tonic for the nervous system. relieving depression & grief.
Jasmine – is calming and emotionally uplifting, helping relieve symptoms of PMS, menopause and post natal depression.
Geranium– revitalises the body and regulates hormones. It eases mood swings and quells anxiety associated with menopause and PMS.  Click here for more details on the healing power of essential oils.

Use the following crystals to help balance your heart chakra if it is damaged or UNDER-developed and you need to soften or heal:
Rose Quartz – this ‘love’ crystal is legendary for its ability to heal heartbreak and open the heart to new levels of forgiveness, compassion and love.
Aventurine – this beautiful stone soothes emotional wounds and removes blockages within the heart chakra. It is both a comforter and healer.

Use the following crystals if your heart chakra is OVER-developed and you need to protect yourself from other people’s drama and energy:
Pink Halite – a salt crystal usually used in salt lamps. This is a great crystal to help you detox from other people’s negative energy.
Jade – this is a very powerful, heavyweight crystal to help you get in touch with you. It pulls strong solar plexus energy to your heart chakra helping protect yourself from others’ drama and encouraging your own luck and success in life. Click here for more details on the healing power of crystals.

See my EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION range of products to help you balance your heart chakra. Click through to each image:

This visualisation exercise is perfect when you need to protect your HEART chakra from giving away too much love and creating a semi-permeable veil against other people’s emotions and drama affecting your life. You cannot completely shut down your heart chakra when your friends and family need care, love and attention. However, you need to protect yourself from other people’s baggage otherwise, it will start to weigh you down mentally and emotionally, leaving you exhausted. You cannot be a doormat and say ‘yes’ to everything when you would rather say ‘no’. By looking after yourself as well as others you will, in turn, increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. This exercise is particularly good if you are in a caring profession, so that you keep yourself balance between compassion and self-protection.

Recruit and use your own personal bellhop.

When you first do this exercise, it may take time to set the scene, but everyday it will become quicker and to the point where your bellhop will be jumping in and out of your head like a leprechaun! 

RECRUIT YOUR BELLHOP: Initially, find a quiet spot. You will need to recruit a bellhop who is going to be transporting all the green suitcases filled with other people’s problems to rooms within your mind. Close your eyes and use your imagination. The bellhop can be any gender, shape, size or nationality as long as they are spritely enough to take the cases away immediately. Your bellhop needs to also be considerate enough to treat the suitcases with care. They hold other people’s lives and emotions, so they need to be treated with respect. Dress your bellhop in a green uniform to represent your heart chakra, with gold accessories, belt and hat rim, to represent your own personal power from your solar plexus.

TRAIN YOUR BELLHOP: Now read out your personal written statement (click here to find out how to write yours). This is like your hotel’s company policy and vision. It is where you want to go in life and how you want to live. It is the desire of the sacral chakra and the personal power of the solar plexus which creates the anchor, whilst others around you are ‘losing their heads’ or in emotional turmoil. (Work on SOCIAL DRIVE to strengthen this.)

SET YOUR BELLHOP TO WORK: Now, hold in your mind all the problems that relate to other people that you are carrying around with you mentally. They may not come at once, but they will come over the course of the day and this is when you can employ your bellhop. When you have a problem, hold it in your hands, then pack them into a green suitcase. Ask the bellhop to take the suitcase to a component ‘room’ in your mind, until you need it again. As your arms are released of problems, feel how freeing it is. Take a deep breath, roll your neck and shoulders back, flexing your fingers. The job of the bellhop is to retrieve the suitcases one at a time when and where you need them and to put them immediately after you have dealt with the situation.

PERMISSION TO SAY ‘NO’: Your hotel has a WIN/WIN policy, which means the bell-hop will deliver customer service, but has the permission to say ‘no’ to any adverse requests, with a simple smile in a pleasant non-apologetic way.