Emphatic Communication


“Little deeds of kindness, little words of love,
Help to make earth happy, like the heaven above.”
Julia Fletcher Carney, American Writer, 1823 – 1908


The heart chakra is about unconditional love and compassion, whilst your throat chakra is about speaking your truth and actively listening. Over the last two sections, you have established your practical, physical environment with a balance root chakra and a purpose in life with your sacral and solar plexus chakras. Now you need to turn your attentions to understanding your emotions and clearly communicating them as a means of personal influence. This is why I have combined these two chakras, entitled as EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION.

Your heart chakra, Anahata, is located in the middle of your chest, roughly where your physical heart is. It is here where we start to become connected with each other, where it is important to love and be loved; including ourselves. Your throat chakra, Vishuddha, is located in front of your throat and at the back of your neck. When these chakras are in balance, you have a benevolent view of the world, whilst maintaining a healthy detachment and have the ability to express yourself well, without fear. This section is about understanding the effect your sympathy and sincerity has on those around you, developing the courage to express your own feelings and considering the feelings of others; a HEALTHY SELF-CONFIDENCE. The core of this is being both sympathetic and sincere in character.

SYMPATHY is a deep, silent tenderness which is shown with a consistently selfless, gentle character. What it is not is: sarcasm, ridicule, cynicism, egotistical or mocking.

SINCERITY is a constant moral value, in which the truth is spoken and trust given. What it is not is gushing, spasmodic, deceitful, lying, conniving, weak or false.

Look at the five pillars below. For SUCCESSFUL LIFE BALANCE, you should look to display all of these qualities. Like a temple, without one of the pillars, you are likely to crumble under your own egotism or sensitivity. Determine which aspects are within your own character and which ones you need to develop. If you are weak or over-developed in any pillar, then work on the activities in this chapter.

There is no loss in self-sacrifice, as ultimately blessings come back to you in magnitude.


The most healthy of relationships are those of mutual respect and trust. It is imbalance that causes the most harm and usually resonates from and can be solved through the heart chakra. In INTEGRITY & PLANNING, I referred to Stephen R. Covey’s WIN/WIN principle and that EMOTIONAL MATURITY is one of the ingredients in the formula for mutual benefits.

Emotional maturity is the balance between the COURAGE to express your own feelings and the CONSIDERATION of other’s feelings and convictions. Both of these areas need to be HIGH.

For SUCCESSFUL LIFE BALANCE, you want to be achieving the win/win position. Here you display balanced, emotional intelligence; are compassionate and caring; warm-hearted and have a positive attitude to other people. However, you have enough courage to listen to and express your needs, as well as having emotional strength not to get sucked into other people’s drama. You carry yourself tall and encompass healthy self-esteem. Your heart chakra is open just enough to allow the energies to flow between your lower, earthly, driven chakras and your higher, mindful and compassionate spiritual chakras.

If you find yourself here, you may be feeling like a doormat with your self-confidence hitting rock bottom. This may be because you have an over-developed heart chakra which is wide open. You instantly feel other people’s pain and want to solve their problems or constantly worry about them, forgetting your own needs. Be careful of the vampires sucking out all your good energy. If any of the above is the case, then work on your SOCIAL DRIVE. Here you will understand what your needs are first, helping you stop and think what is good for you, as well as others. Also work on the BELLHOP METHOD and INNER CHILD.

This is where your sacral and solar plexus chakras are in overdrive and you may have a tendency to bully or steam-roller over everyone. It works in the short term, however, it does not make long- lasting, successful relationships. Alternatively, your heart chakra may be closed due to a recent bereavement or damaged by life experiences, in which case you may want to seek some counselling. If you are in this quadrant, work on this section of EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION and later on MINDFUL CLARITY.

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