Emotional Communication

GOAL 4: EMOTIONALly connect with a caring network.
GOAL 5: Encourage good COMMUNICATION and conflict resolution.

You are warm and positive without being manipulated, as well as non-judgemental and authentic. When your heart and throat chakras are in balance, you have a benevolent view of the world, express your love and emotions well, allowing others space and time to express theirs. These symptoms may appear if there is an imbalance somewhere, which means you need to work on these chakras. Below are some solutions to help you.

The HEART chakra, Anahata, means “unstuck”, referring to unconditional love, healing and benevolence. This beautiful green, and sometimes pink, heart chakra is located midway between all physical lower chakras and the spiritual higher chakras. It is located directly in the middle of your chest and is linked with your heart, lungs and shoulder blades. The importance here is that the heart chakra gives us the ability to love and to be loved in equal measure, and for that to be effective, we need to love ourselves. Past hurt, grief or sadness may be buried in our heart chakra leaving us with low self-esteem, a stony or a bruised heart, and the feeling of being unworthy of love. If the heart chakra is ‘stuck’, we need to find the time to retreat and heal, in order to love ourselves and others again.

However, if the heart chakra is spinning wide open, you are at the mercy of other people’s emotions. You will be sensitive to other’s changes in mood and you will get sucked into their drama, leaving you feeling exhausted. Their problems start taking over your head-space. Alternatively, you could be the person who is constantly needy and dramatic, demanding other people’s attention and time.

The clear blue THROAT CHAKRA, Vishuddha meaning “purification” is linked with the heart chakra, as you are able to express your emotions freely and speak your truth. You are able to demonstrate to the world who you really are (VERO means truth in Italian – hence Anna Vero, the real me). Not only that, linking the throat, mouth and ears, it is about being able to listen to others and what they want to communicate to you. This is the true meaning of EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION. If you are under-developed here, either because you do not speak up for yourself or you don’t shut up, constantly speaking over everyone, it is important that you work on SOCIAL DRIVE to minimise or increase these lower chakras first.