Diet & Exercise

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“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not much,
we would have found the safest way to health.”
Hippocrates, Greek Physician, c. 460 – 370 BC

When your root chakra is weak, you feel spacey and ungrounded, physically weak or suffer with insomnia. This maybe because your other chakras are stronger and overpowering this chakra. You may be too mentally stressed, too ambitiously driven or taking more notice of your emotions or spirituality. All well and good, but you need to strengthen your PHYSICAL BODY in order to create a SUCCESSFUL LIFE BALANCE.

To balance this chakra, start taking more notice of what your body needs. When you nourish you body correctly, then it starts looking after you. We are physical animals and our body needs movement. Go against nature; you start to crumble. So, go back to basics: DIET & EXERCISE.

I have added some recipes, which I have collated myself with the intention of creating quick, healthy yet tasty meals for both myself and my family. They include smoothies, light lunches, main evening meals and health..ier desserts. Initially, I collected the recipes when I went on a detox diet in January 2013, after I had an extremely stressful 2012. It was in order for me to detox not only my body, but also my mind. So, I have added in how various nutrients help to heal and nourish your mind and body. If my fussy family eat these dishes, I am sure yours will too! Click here for the selection of HEALTHY EATING recipes.

We are all exposed to toxins everyday, from caffeine to cosmetic products. It is important to detox your body, not just for one day for a continuous amount of time in a gradual way to ease any healing crisis, then incorporate a healthy diet permanently into our lives. A body free of a toxin overload will mean a more efficient body, a clearer mind and a happier soul. See the DETOX section for more detail.

Whether it is bodypump, spinning, hot yoga or aqua-aerobics…..enjoy what you do; it guarantees you do it. When choosing exercise, also use the principle of YIN and YANG. These are passive and active energies, respectively, and this is a way of getting more out of life with less effort. It works on the principle that opposites attract and it is a sliding, ever moving scale of balance. First of all, consider what you are feeling and identify the energy intensity on the scale. Correspond it with the opposite energy intensity; you will find this is what your body needs.

Yoga has the ability to work out the physical body, stimulate prana energy, release our emotions and calm the mind. Therefore, it is a holistic practice which I recommend you incorporate into your daily life. I have set out a very simple routine of poses which work and balance each chakra (see colour coding). I found that when I practised yoga in a class, I was up and down all the time which put pressure on my knees and made me dizzy.

So this routine starts in the Anjali Mudra (Salutation Seal Pose), giving you time to bring your thought together and focus on intent. Then progresses through the upright poses and then does floor work ready for Savasana (Corpse Pose) and meditation. You may want to put on this beautiful piece of music whilst you do it: ‘The Devi Prayer’ by Vdovic and Craig Pruess.

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