Crown Chakra Balancing

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“Every day holds the possibility of a miracle.”
Elizabeth David, Cookery Writer, 1913 – 1992

The crown chakra is your euphoria, a cosmic energy, a portal. It is you, as an angel or a white light. This chakra connects you to your soul and to a higher divinity. If your crown chakra is over-developed you are susceptible to be disconnected from reality, lonely and depressed. You may also have inspirational thoughts racing through your head with no-one to share them with. If this is the case, go back to the root chakra and work on your PHYSICAL BODY. Or work downwards from EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION.

This is the route through which the sub-conscious mind starts picking up external vibrations and alerts your conscious mind to the opportunities. The crown chakra connects with a higher unseen power, the ‘infinite intelligence’ or God, whatever you see it as, as well as the power and soul of other people. Rarely is this chakra fully developed and in balance, but you would be missing out on a lot if you do not use it. Maslow refers to this as, ‘self-actualisation’.

The crown chakra is linked to a light violet colour or white, which is very awakening. Focus on all shades of white from bright white to cream and ivory. Look out for white everywhere; snowdrops, swans, clouds. Choose to eat meringue or cauliflower. Wear a warm white coat in winter. Use the colour as a visual cue to focus on this chakra. If your crown chakra is over-developed, try to avoid this colour.

The overall purpose of yoga, particularly Hatha Yoga, is to prepare yourself for meditation. So, if you can spend time at the end of your yoga session meditating, then it is most beneficial to mind, body and soul. The irony of meditation is that when you lose yourself in it, you are finding yourself; you awaken the real you, your soul, your consciousness. More importantly, you become one with consciousness and the Divine within and around you. Very few people achieve this. You may have had a very fleeting moment of it when meditating, or even in ‘waking’ life such as hearing a piece of music or seeing a beautiful sunset. Give yourself this time, and your perception of life becomes crystal clear.

Do yoga poses: Anjali Mudra Salutation Pose, Paripurna Navasana Boat Pose, Adho Mukha Vrksana Handstand, Natarajasana Dancer Pose, Vrksasana Tree Pose, Savasana Corpse Pose. (Images created by The Noun Project).

Anjali Mudra

As you do your yoga poses or as you sit quietly daily, say the following affirmation:
I am evolving. I am uplifted. I am inspired. I connect with the Divine within me.”

Use the following essential oils to help you to stimulate and balance your heart chakra.
Petitgrain – clears the mind & eases mental fatigue. It is sedative on the nervous system. 
Cedarwood – is antiseptic, treating bronchitis and catarrh. It is calming on the nervous system.
Bergamot – the fragrance of Earl Grey tea, uplifts mood whilst relaxing. It helps ease anxiety, depression and nervous tension.
Sandalwood– is wonderfully calming and relaxing, easing stress and alleviating anxiety & fear. It strengthens the immune system.  Click here for more details on the healing power of essential oils.

Use the following crystals to help balance your crown chakra if it is UNDER-developed and you are looking for enlightenment:
Amethyst– heightens psychic powers and will strengthen your connection to the universal consciousness.
Moonstone – an absolute must for empowering our femininity, and to awaken our intuition and inspiration. The perfect meditation stone for all females.

Use the following crystals if your crown chakra is OVER-developed and you need to become more grounded into your earthly body:
Spirit Quartz – this crystal is wonderful for purifying any tendency for self-absorption and stuck ego, reminding you to radiate your energies outwards and not always inwards.
Selenite – a no-fuss, powerful crystal which has wide-ranging cleansing abilities. It rinses energies which may have attached themselves to you and is used to clean other crystals. Click here for more details on the healing power of crystals.

See my MINDFUL CLARITY range of products to help you balance your crown chakra. Click through to each image:

Whilst on holiday, de-stressing from an awful lot of previous toxicity, I found and read a book by Joseph Murphy on the power of the mind. In it was something that resonated with me, which I put into action on my return home. He suggested that everyone needs a space of their own where they can be themselves; a space for minds to just wander and spirits to dance freely. I suggest that you do this if you have the space in your home or even in a small part of your bedroom. It needs to be a place where you can connect with your soul and tap into the higher, unseen power.

This is what you can do to help balance your crown chakra, starting with your room:

  1. De-clutter, taking out all stagnant, negative energy.
  2. Paint the walls white and add in vibrant colour (page 53 & 55).
  3. Use essential oils: clary sage or sandalwood for clarity and peace.
  4. Display white lilies or purple irises, for spirituality.
  5. Put in a desk and a comfortable day bed or chair.
  6. Print out, buy or write on the walls uplifting words and quotes.
  7. Display art, which you love, on the wall.
  8. Listen to music which lifts and inspires you.
  9. Read, write or draw; whatever is your creativity.
  10. Meditate with chimes, bells, drumming or soothing music.
  11. Every morning, write down your dreams and interpret a pattern.
  12. Every night, write down one blessing in your life or in the day.

And now outside, in life:

  1. Visit art galleries, museums and cathedrals; be uplifted.
  2. Walk or sit in nature and truly look at it.
  3. Be aware of coincidences.
  4. Tap into other people’s energy through community prayer or singing.
  5. Have a Reiki treatment.
  6. Have a craniosacral treatment or an Indian head massage.
  7. Concentrate on what you are doing; be present.
  8. Practise yoga.

Most of all, ensure your other chakras are balanced, allowing the energy to follow freely from the top of your head to the base of your spine. This is SUCCESSFUL LIFE BALANCE.

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