Carrot & Lemon Juice

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This is the best detoxing juice recipe, which stimulates the lymphatic system. It strengthens the liver and encourages the elimination of bacteria from the colon. I drink this daily for a week when I am detoxing after Christmas or when I am preparing for a holiday.

CARROT A rich source of the antioxidant beta-carotene, as well as vitamins and minerals. Said to eliminate putrefactive bacteria in the colon and stimulates the immune system.

LEMON is the best fruit to use in a detox, as it contains phytochemicals, such as limonene, which has the ability to stimulate the liver’s detoxification process.

Serves 1
4 large carrots, topped, sliced and chopped into chunks * 1 lemon, quartered

Press alternate chunks of carrot and lemon through a juicer. Stir and drink immediately.

Carrot & Lemon Juice

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