Affirmations & Gratitude


“Little deeds of kindness, little words of love,
help to make earth happy, like the heaven above.”
Julia Fletcher Carney, American Writer, 1823 – 1908

When we consider that everything we have is ‘enough’, we live in gratitude. It is only when you start to really appreciate what and who you have around you, that you start to feel abundant and complete. There is no harm in having goals, in fact, we need a purpose in life and hope for our future. However, if we are not happy where we are and have a heart full of appreciation, then we will never have balance. You only ever have ‘now’, neither the past and nor the future. So fill your heart with gratitude. Start by simply being grateful for your comfortable home, your loving partner, your beautiful children, your supportive parents and your caring friends. Really think about each one of these and really feel gratitude. Without them, life is not a delicious, luscious tapestry.

Your brain believes what you tell it. So what not only use positive affirmations? If you keep saying them each day, you will eventually believe them and know nothing else. Below are some affirmations based on chakras, to help balance each one:

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