About Me

Anna Fradgley – CEO & Founder of Anna Vero Life

My goal is to provide you with solutions for a less stressful and more balanced life through mindful and holistic practices, for your success. I have devised my own SUCCESSFUL LIFE BALANCE model based on eastern chakra philosophy, business psychology and early 20th Century New Thought Movement.

I am an advocate for self-help for your mental and physical health. Approaching half a century of life has given me the experience to improve my own life in order to bring it into balance. Whilst absolute balance can never be achieved, I am trying to help you (and myself) to achieve it as much as possible!

So why am I such an expert? I am not. I am still learning and am I continuing my journey. But having suffered from severe depression in 2007, I have gradually worked my way back to health. I still have my wobbles, but I have learned that the holistic approach of a healthy body, mind and spirit keeps me in balance. And now I want to share it with you. I am free of anti-depressants which have been my crutch for almost a decade, and without them, I can’t bear to think what may have happened to me.

I was born in 1970 to an Italian mother and an English father. My childhood was fairly stable, albeit disrupted by divorce and fairly comfortable despite the lack of money. My determination to succeed in life propelled me through school and university, securing a graduate position in marketing at Great Universal Stores. I worked my way up the career ladder through Littlewoods Stores and Co-operative Food Retail, flying high. Then a deep sense of guilt of leaving my two toddlers daily and only seeing them at bedtime and at the weekends (usually after 12 noon when I dragged myself out of bed from exhaustion), switched me to becoming a full-time mother.

I continued to use my intellect joining the P.T.A. and becoming a school governor. I also started a property portfolio with my husband, as well as doing his accounts. My love for nature saw me campaigning against building on Green Belt land in our village of Lymm, which paved my career into local politics on both the Parish and Borough Council. Whilst it was not what I planned to do, it has shown me what my purpose is in life….to help others.

Politics is stressful and very toxic. I had to find a way of detoxing; my mind, body and spirit! Negative emotions are as harmful as free radicals on the body and play a dangerous game on the mind. I found that the more I learned about the bundles of electromagnetic energy in our bodies called chakras, the more that it resonated in me where I was out of balance. The imbalance of my root chakra as a child, caused me to become over-developed in later life, creating stagnation, pains in my body and the resistance to change. My sacral chakra was so weak, that I didn’t even know myself, never mind what I enjoyed in life…until I found food and cooking again. My Solar Plexus was so out of kilter, that I responded to everyone’s needs and wants, and not my own. I had no real direction in life after leaving my career behind. However, my heart chakra was spinning so out of control, that I would take on everyone’s emotions, as if they were my own, to the point where I would slide into a mild depression now and again out of hopelessness. My throat chakra had no problems, as I said exactly what I thought, and when. The only problem was not listening properly. As for my third eye chakra, I failed to listen to the real me, my soul, as it got smothered by other people’s opinions. I lost God back in 2007, so my crown chakra was non-existent. I only found God again and developed my spirituality after my two miscarriages. Praying to God soothed my aching soul.

In October 2018, I undertook intensive therapy with Dr Art O’Malley, an EMDR consultant, who has developed a clinical treatment of Bilateral Affective Reprocessing of Thoughts (BART) working to reprocess the mind and body through revolutionary connections between the endocrine and immune systems, gut, heart and brain and the chakras. After my 5 sessions with him, I have not looked back. I have come to terms with past trauma and I am now free to live the life I want. This is because my chakras or centres of energy in my body are free-flowing to enable me to realise my potential.

It is only from learning about ‘me’ and travelling the holistic journey of healthy eating, mindfulness, empathic communication, homoeopathy, counselling, yoga, reflexology, aromatherapy, C.B.T., shamanic healing, plant remedies, sound therapy, osteopathy and BART that I now feel when I am out of balance. I am in tune with me. And it is great. May I now take you on the same journey to self-realisation?

My model will help you understand the areas of imbalance and how to rectify them. Let’s begin (click on this image):

Love Anna x

I am qualified as follows: B.A. (Hons) Business Studies and Marketing, MRS, CIMA, Life Coaching, Foundation Level Counselling, Aromatherapy, Body Healing, Mindfulness, Reiki Master, Crystal Healing, Shamanic Meditation, Sound Therapy, Ayurvedic Eating and Herbal Remedy.