Holistic Solutions: balancing mind, body and soul.

My goal is to provide you with solutions for a less stressful and more balanced life through mindful and holistic practices, for your success.

I have taken the seven main chakras and put them into four sections which reflect our life.

Life is about balance and if we can get to near to centre as possible then life is happy.

My model helps you identify which areas of your life you feel you need to bring back to balance and to get your chakras spinning and in free flow again.

Take some time to now identify which areas you need to re-balance out of the sections: PHYSICAL BODY, SOCIAL DRIVE, EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION and MINDFUL CLARITY.

I have written a cookery book, a work book and have developed my own aromatherapy products to help you balance your life.

I also undertake courses, workshops and retreats to help you manage your stress and make the best out of your life.



When your root chakra is in balance, you feel grounded, secure and comfortable in your own skin, enjoying a stable life.

If it is too over-developed, you are too set in your ways to embrace change, you hoard or are physically stiff.

When your root chakra is weak, then you feel physically weak, have problems with your feet, legs or knees, suffer with sciatica or have lower digestion problem. You may also be experiencing insomnia.



When both your sacral chakra and solar plexus are balanced, then you are enjoying life’s pleasures, feeling energetic, and focusing on your goals.

If they are too over-developed, you may be a workaholic, a driven perfectionist or have blocked creativity.

If weak, you may lack appetite, feel isolated, struggle to make decisions or lack direction. You may be too passive and submissive to realise your own dreams and follow those of others.



When your heart and throat chakras are balanced you express kindness to yourself, maintain emotional boundaries and have good self-esteem.

If they are too over-developed, you may be highly sensitive, get drawn into other’s emotional chaos or have a tendency to nag.

When weak, you suffer from low self-esteem, dis-like confrontation or physically suffer with pains in the chest or sore throat.



When your third eye and crown chakras are balanced then you experience mental clarity, you feel calm, both your logic and intuition function and life has meaning.

When these are over-developed, you feel disconnected, overwhelmed, confused, unable to concentrate and plan ahead or are experiencing excessive mental stress.

If weak, you are hostile to, and dismissive of, spirituality, feeling lonely or depressed.